What is it?

Imagine a place where all the needs of a singer are looked after.
Where each month the singer has:

  • A Singing Lesson
  • 30 min Vocal Massage
  • 30 min SKYPE follow up session
  • Help with anxiety & stress
  • On call response via SKYPE for important shows
  • Structured practice guidance, with targets with monitoring

Why Monthly membership?

An athlete would never go a season without their coach and physio, and singers shouldn’t either:

  • They can lose direction and motivation.
  • They miss the help they had and the focus regular sessions gives them.
  • They need someone to help them guide their continued skills and personal development.

Tim and Ian have over twenty years experience as singers and vocal coaches. We completely understand the nature of the emotional and physiological challenges placed on the singer. We are able to offer something no other vocal coaching team can offer.


Why are we unique:

  • We work extensively as a co-ordinated team with a shared philosophy on vocal training.
  • We are amongst the most experienced Estill Master Teachers in the UK.
  • Years of experience in coaching and treating singers in leading roles in the West End.
  • The only experts in vocal function who are also able to offer vocal massage that can link immediate soft tissue release to a functional release of vocal function.
  • Balancing the muscles to balancing the function.
  • Joining up mindful practice to performance.
  • Vocal Function, Mental Function and Expert Soft Tissue Therapy.