We run successful private practices in Cardiff and London.

The focus is on the individual and training the person. 

At How The Voice Works our singing lessons are specifically composed to provide:

Understanding YOUR voice: Building the skills

  • Balancing the production of the voice. POWER – SOURCE – FILTER.
  • Conquering the ultimate vocal challenge for the singer – PITCH and RANGE.
  • Linking voice production to breathing.
  • Building vocal qualities from Opera to Belt.
  • Understanding the physical sensations of the voice. What muscles are working and where.
  • A practice regime designed to give the performer the freedom and control they desire.
  • Elite practice for Elite performers.
  • Lessons in The Estill Model.

 Communication: Developing the artist

  • Advice on song repertoire for Professional Auditions, College Auditions, Song Competitions and appropriate material to help you develop.
  • Linking muscularity to performance.
  • Understanding anxiety and performance nerves.
  • Diction.
  • Projection.

Our unique skill set:

  • Detailed physiological understanding of the voice.
  • Detailed functional understanding of the voice.
  • Licensed Estill teachers.
  • Professional performing as well as coaching experience.
  • Over 30 years of teaching experience.
  • Laryngeal massage.
  • Dealing with performance anxiety and nerves.
  • Diagnostic voice work.
  • Research and development of physiological and psychological aspects of vocal performance.

If you’d like an idea of costs, or want to find out more about booking a singing lesson, drop us a line.