We offer bespoke, and fully packaged Showreel Services to suit all situations, standards and budgets. Whilst there are lots of companies offering the technical services, we are also able to bring industry leading vocal knowledge and outstanding accompanists in one complete package. Here are just a few of the available options:

Give your self-tapes a bit of ‘sparkle and fizz….’

We can work with you remotely to help you film and master your self-tapes, to help them stand out from the crowd. This involves a separation of the audio of the vocal and accompaniment, followed by a bit of post-production ‘sparkle and fizz….’ If you already have a track that you are happy with, we can work with that but if you need some new accompaniment we can arrange a rep session for you and provide a customised track for you to record with. This can all be done without any face-to-face contact, and can be turned around quickly to allow you to submit audition material, or to update your website or Spotlight page. Take a look at our quick ‘how to’ guide here:


Video Recording Sessions at our Cowbridge Studio

For an even more professional feel, you can take advantage of a recording session at our Cowbridge Studio. We have regular filming days where you can book in to shoot a single track, or if you prefer you can book an entire session and work on three or four new songs for auditions, your website or Spotlight Page. We will provide everything needed for the session, including our Associate Teacher, David Laugharne or Sharon Fry (for Classical Repertoire) at our beautiful Yamaha Grand Piano. The price of the session includes all the post-production edit to deliver the finished tracks. We can shoot in Full HD or 4K, and have very high quality studio microphones for both the singers and the piano. You can see a short example below, and more on our Videos page:

Video Recording Sessions at Fieldgate Studio (or on location….)

If you want the ultimate bespoke recording session, then on request we can arrange a session at Fieldgate for you. These four hour sessions include one of our pianists at their amazing Fazioli Concert Grand Piano, recording engineer and either Ian or Tim available to coach if needed. We can also arrange stills photography in addition to the video session if required. You can see the film from our first Fieldgate Sessions here, and you will see some of the fabulous stills from the session taken by Aga Tomaszek dotted around the site.


If there is something else you need that isn’t listed here, please contact us to see if we can help. Even if we can’t we might well know someone who can!