Online lessons are a modern day convenient way to top up your learning.

They are cost and time effective. You don’t have to leave the house! Nothing beats a live face to face session, but an online session, via our Zoom platform can be a valuable additional way of getting expert tutoring.

There are a number of benefits to working this way:

  • They work excellently for singers on tour who can check in for a warm-up or a vocal MOT.
  • Very popular amongst our International Singers, so they can maintain regular contact and practice in between our visits, or their visits to our London or Cardiff studios.
  • Ideal for practising an Estill Figure or for receiving teaching on a Figure or Quality.
  • Time effective: Sessions can be 30 minutes to help you prepare or practice, and there’s no need to travel!
  • Cost effective: Takes out the costs of travel.

Zoom sessions are very popular amongst our existing clients, and the very high sound and image quality of modern computers, phones and tablets mean that the sessions are an excellent adjunct to lessons. In our work they enable us to support singers in different time zones, warm-up a singer before an important show without needing to be present and provide short notice support to our singers, because we are able to work from anywhere.