The Estill Model has changed the training of the modern singer greatly in recent years. A deeper understanding of the physiology, and how it relates to the sounds that we make has enriched our understanding of how we can use the muscles to communicate.

We can’t lay claim to be at the forefront of this understanding as we all owe Jo Estill a debt of gratitude for the 40 years of research she did on the voice. Her brilliance, spirit, and extraordinary insight has enabled us to learn and understand so much about the function of the voice. Jo wanted to teach the world to sing, and left her life’s work to help us all to do that.

Who was Jo Estill? 

Jo Estill was an educator, researcher and singer. She developed the Estill Voice Training system. Her driving question was: ‘How am I doing this?’ This led her to move from a career in performing to voice research and teaching.

What is the Estill Model?

The Estill model is a model of function. A system of voice training that helps explain and allows you to develop the functional awareness of how the voice works. It focuses on structures in the larynx that produce sound and how that sound source is shaped in the vocal filter to influence resonance and voice quality.

It also address the artistry of singing and allows you to make connections between the muscular use and communication in the voice. For more information on the Estill Model, take a look at the Estill Voice site here:

Where is the Estill Model used?

The Estill Model informs the work of teachers working in West End and Broadway Theatres, many of the major Opera Houses, Conservatoires and Musical Theatre training schools. The principles behind the Estill Model are truly universal, it explains ‘How The Voice Works’ and can also be seen in action in Voice Clinics around the world.

Guiding Principles of The Estill Voice Training System:

  • The Estill Voice Training System has no aesthetic bias.
  • All qualities are acceptable as long as vocal health is not jeopardised.
  • Everyone has a beautiful voice.

How we can help:

  • Individual tuition on the Estill model.
  • CFP (Certificate of Figure Proficiency) preparation.
  • Practice groups to help develop functional skill in the model.
  • Introduction to the Estill Model workshops.
  • Revision and practice for those familiar with the model but looking to develop functional understanding. (We can understand the ideas more quickly than we can learn to instruct the muscles – this takes time and practice).