Sunday 8th September, 10.15am to 4.15pm.

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff. 

We are proud to offer the first Introduction To The Estill Model Course in Wales. This one day Course in the Estill Model presented by Tim Richards and Ian Nicholas, Wales’ only Certified Estill Teachers.

This course will give an overview of the Estill Model, a short introduction to the Anatomy & Physiology and an opportunity to explore some of the elements of the model in more detail.

There will also be an Open Session in the afternoon which provides participants with an opportunity to sing a song. Tim and Ian will demonstrate how some of the skills covered during the day can be used to solve common vocal problems.

Suitable for: Singing teachers, professional singers, students and amateurs; voice, speech & drama teachers; actors; speech & language therapists with a special interest in voice; ENT Surgeons and those interested in Estill Certification. Suitable for all styles of voice, singing & speaking.